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How Much Does a Party Boat Cost? – 4 Common Questions about Party Boats in Goa.

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

If you’re thinking of renting a party boat in Goa for any occasion, you might be thinking of the cost of a party boat. In fact, most people usually focus on this aspect more than other areas. While keeping the price in mind is necessary, it is also essential that you focus on other details too.

The following are some common questions that you might have about party boats, apart from the party boat costs:


1. How Much Does a Party Boat in Goa Cost?

Many people assume that different companies have different costs. While that is true, a party boat’s in Goa price is usually based upon some factors apart from this. You will find that many businesses take the following things into account:

The number of people

The vessel being chosen

The duration you need to rent it for

Depending on these, you can expect to pay anything starting from Rs.10000 per hour and more. It’s always best to talk to the service provider to get an appropriate estimate.

2. What is Guest Capacity?

Guest capacity can vary based on the size of the vessel. The best part is that the party boats in Goa offers you flexibility in this area. You can pick from the following:

Small Vessels – These have a capacity of usually 2 to 20 people.

Medium Vessels – These can keep 2 to 25 people but, some medium vessels can hold 30 people as well.

Large Vessels – These are meant for larger groups and can easily hold anywhere from 2 to 50 or even 200 people.

The capacity can range from vessel to vessel. Additionally, the capacity includes the crew of the boat. So, if a boat can hold six people, it can mean two crew and four guests.


3. Are Food and Drink Covered in the Cost?

This is a perk that depends upon the party package. Many packages ensure that in the party boat cost, you are also covered for food and drink. Moreover, some offer catering services, especially for dinner or other special party occasions.

Make sure to discuss this aspect with the company that you are picking. Unless specified, it is usually assumed that food and drink are not covered in the cost.


4. Is it Okay to Dance on a Party Boat?

Parties on a boat can be a bit loud but there’s no need to worry. Many party boats are equipped with a dance floor, either indoors or outdoors, that is designed specifically for this purpose. However, this is a feature that not all party boats in Goa have. This is another detail that you will have to discuss beforehand.

These are some of the common questions that most people have about party boats, apart from the cost.

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