Nature Trail @Chorao Island

Rs 1,299

4 Hours

Ribandar, Goa


Ilhas Dos Fidalgos - The Island of the Noblemen.This is the name Chorao was known as by the Portuguese, who captured this as one of their first conquests of 451- years long rule. It is one of the most prominent areas for migratory birds in the entire India, and the famous Dr Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an integral part of this island today.

This trail is a journey that uncovers the best of Chorao island - A boat ride into the mangroves, the Oldest Church of Chorao, One of the most unique temples in entire India , The Bunds and Maanos System , and the Lost Seminary. The Island of Chorao is an exploration which balances everything in the perfect sense - the beautiful ecosystem, the lost heritage, inspiring stories and the most amazing travellers.

The Trail starts at 7am and goes on for 4 hours

Note: This is not a walking trail. Transport would be required between the different points in the trail. We recommend using the same transport that you come by for the whole trail. Transport is not provided by Soul Travelling.


* Guided Trail
* Snacks and Tea
* Soul Travelling Goodies
* Boat Ride with Life jacket
* All Entry Fees and Permissions


* Meals
* Bottled Drinking Water
* Transport and ferry expenses
* Personal Expenses and Medication
* Additional time beyond the standard duration


* A beautiful journey to the place known as  Ilhas Dos Fidalgos  ( The Island of the Noblemen ) under the Portuguese and into its vast mangroves. 
* Join the birdman of Chorao as he takes you around the most prominent areas for migratory birds in the entire India on a boat.
* Explore the concepts of Maanos ( Sluice gates ) and Bandhs ( Bunds ) which are the lifelines of Goas survival and a man- made wonder.
* Trek along a small hillock to a vantage point with picturesque view of the region where exists the ruins of an ancient seminary.
* There are very few temples across the country dedicated to Krishna and his biological mother Devki, and feel the magic at the one that exists on this island.


* Boat Ride with Bird Spotting
* Snacks and Tea
* Devaki Krishna Temple
* Ruins of a Seminary
* Church Visit
* Tavern Visit with Feni Tasting